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T Shirts are the most favorite article of clothing. They are unique, look elegant and is wear out in various styles. Actually, there are many options when it comes to t shirts for men, it becomes hard to choose.

History of Men T-Shirts:

The T-shirt was worn as an innerwear. By the end of the 19th century, soldiers wore them as summer wear. These were the most comfortable top. In 1913, the US military adopted the short-sleeved version, as an official undergarment.

From the start, the military wears this costume & then become the choice of general people. The July 13, 1942 issue of LIFE Magazine was the first photo of a printed tee. Since then t-shirts are in fashion and are wore in almost all parts of the world.

Stylish T-Shirts for Men:

The Men Wear T-shirt in million in different ways. Men can wear T-shirts with a dress shirt that give a semi-formal or casual look. Usually, men t-shirt is worn with any kind of lowers that you can think about. It can be track pants, lounge shorts, cargo pants or jeans.

The Men Can Choose T-shirts according to the season and occasion. Even you can wear the same garment in any season to produce a different look. Whereas, you must first understand how to style t-shirts according to your personality.

Here is a list of few ways men can create style in their dressing through adopting a different type of t-shirts:


When we talk about a t-shirt for men, there are certain colors which are necessary for any wardrobe. We are talking about basic colors that are white, black, navy blue and grey. As they go with all kind of lowers.

You can go for a red, a pink, and yellows to match them with other accessories.


T-shirts for men come in regular, long-line, slim, fitted and loose cuts. There is no fit rule to choose a cut. That’s up to your comfort level. But try to find out which cut suits you the most and goes well with your physique.
For example, a fitted t-shirt for men would go with a person with a slim physique. You can wear it with an inner layer, in winters.
T-shirts are a simple garment, but they come in a variety of styles, textiles, designs, and fits. But the main way to distinguish t-shirt is by its neckline.

T-shirts for men are usually found in three necklines that are crew, scoop, and V-neck. But there is a lot of variations with these styles.

Crew neck t-shirts:

The crew neck is a round neckline t-shirt that fits around the base of the neck.

Crew necks are best suited on:

  • Men with a slim build
  • Men with a long or narrow face
  • Men with very round shoulders

V-Neck t-shirts: The V-neck is designed to wear as an undershirt. But, nowadays it is a fashion statement itself.

V-necks are best suited on:

  • Men with square or round faces
  • Short height men
  • Men with broad chests
How to Wear Graphic T-Shirts:

Whether it’s a faded logo of your company, graphic tees have an undisputed place in men’s casual style. But Wear shirts that authentic, casual, and appropriate for the occasion.

Men T-Shirts with Logos:

You can always style your t-shirt with our favorite band, star sports team logo on it. This will add style as well as a glimpse of your personality on your t-shirt. However, This look is always considered the best casual style for men. So wear them.


Men T-shirts with a graphic design give you an opportunity to express yourself. Either it’s a colorful print or piece of artwork; try to choose designs that represent you.

How Your T-Shirt Should Fit:

When it comes to fitting, a T-shirt sometimes becomes the most challenging item. It’s correct that too-tight T-shirt will grip you and present your body in the wrong way. But, too loose will swing around like a nightgown.

Here is an explanation of how it should fit you:

Arms: Your T-shirt’s sleeves should reach the middle of your upper arm. In case if you’re very tall or have longer arms, long sleeves will look better. Yet, If you have shorter arms, small sleeves can enhance your biceps.

Upper body: Finding an appropriate size can be difficult for a tall gentleman. If you’re a tall or skinny man, don’t go for extra-large size. It will fit in length, but you’ll vanish in its folds. Instead, search for a long line cut. Moreover, T-shirts should reach your belt. In case if a shirt touches the bottom of your fly, it’s too long.

Shoulders: Men have rounded sloping shoulders. For round shoulders, a v-neck collar is best, as it makes your shoulders look broader.

Buying T-Shirts Online in Pakistan:

The closest deal has made Shopping for men’s T shirts online very convenient. Here you will get T-shirts available in two types of fit. One cut is the regular fit. These T-shirts have a straight cut from the armholes to the waist. T shirts with a regular cut are most suitable for those who have heavy bodies.

There are many options to buy regular fit t-shirts. Whereas if you are athletic or muscular, slim- fit will look good on you.

Therefore, decide either its comfort or style that you are searching for. Also, look for the cut that fits your body type before you buy online t-shirts.

We have an enormously wide variety of t-shirts for men on and here is a list of few brands we are offering:

Buying men t-shirt online in Pakistan has never been so easy before. is always helping you out. Most of the T-shirts come in cotton, but we also have T-shirts in polyester and other cotton blends.

Hence, have fun shopping from the range of men’s T-shirts online and add color to your wardrobe.