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Polo Shirts

What you definitely defined your personality. A well dressed and fashionable person impresses others in the very first meeting. Therefore whatever you wear should be chic, classy and elegant. As fashion changes with time, style and elegance are always in fashion. Therefore, now a day’s men thoroughly follow fashion. Polo Shirts are very much in fashion these days.

How did it begin?

Polo Shirts are smart casuals. Basically, they are T-shirts with a collar, a placket in the neckline with usually two or three buttons, and sometimes a pocket. Originally they were worn by Polo players. Later it became a fashion. They are mostly short-sleeved. Few people still think that they are worn in uniform or only by athletes.

What Makes these Shirts so Special?

However, the polo owns a little more love than it usually gets. As it falls between a t-shirt and a dress shirt, it’s the most suitable option for occasions in life that are usually not at all formal but are not completely casual also. It’s the best choice shirt for first dates, BBQ parties. Moreover, if you’re not certain about your plans for the day or evening will take you.

They are perfect casual daily wear. Moreover, they are as comfortable as Normal t-shirts. But give excellence to your dressing when worn with khakis or jeans.

Available for Both Sexes:

Polo shirts are worn by women too. Keeping in mind the demand, various brands have launched Polo Shirts for Women too.

How can Men Style Their Polo Shirt?

Furthermore, Polo Shirt offers a special attraction for men. There are various ways in which polo shirts can be worn.

Here are a few tips to upgrade your wardrobe with Polo shirts:

1) Tie at least one of the buttons. Untied all the buttons gives a very clumpy look. Whereas tying all of the buttons look really odd and change the classy look.

2) As Polo Shirt can be worn on multiple occasions, tucking in and out is simply your own choice. Tucking in gives it a more formal look. Whereas tucking out, gives it a more casual look. So it solely depends on the occasion you are wearing.

3) Don’t hesitate to have a collection of basic colors, for instance, black, blue and white. Having a variety of colors in Polo’s won’t look odd. T-shirts with stripes, two tones or contrasting colors look great too.

4) Polo shirts can be worn with Jackets or striped T-shirts. Also with Khakis or jeans. Dark-colored jeans make it look smart casual.

What About Fabric:

They are not available in a variety of fabrics. But normally they come in two main types. Polo’s are offered in an array of materials from natural to man-made.  The athletic wear usually comes in synthetic material. The best ones for routine day to day wear come in cotton. As cotton is more breathable, absorbs sweat and fit well. The silk ones are not recommended.

Best Polo Shirts:

There are many brands who are offering polo shirts. But Ralph Lauren is offering the best shirts. Their shirts are so far the most stylish ones. US Polo is also selling Polo T-shirts. Actually, they are the original association that runs the polo sports.

Original Polo Shirts in Pakistan:

We have lots of fashion addicts in Pakistan. So Polo Shirts for Men in Pakistan are quite famous. The original Polo Shirts Pakistan are being sold online in a variety of colors and style. For your convenience and assistance original Polo T-shirts are available on closed For further details, you can visit web sites.

Price Range of Polo Shirts in Pakistan:

Ralph Lauren being an international brand is excellent in quality and versatile in design. Their T-shirts fall from Rs 1000 – price range. ClosetDeal Make it easier for you. Browse and Shop your Favorite Polo Shirt