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Maybe you are new in this world of makeup. Looking for ideal products for your make up collection and products that can create a stunning look, than Luscious Cosmetics is the most suitable brand for you.

About Luscious Cosmetics.

Luscious Cosmetics is a beauty brand that is available for makeup addicts across the world. Their products are thrilling, cruelty-free, and vegetarian with unique formulas and attractive packaging. Their products stand out with remarkably dazzling color results.

Why Luscious Cosmetics are Suitable?

As an Asian based brand, their products are specially designed to survive hot and humid climates. Due to this reason, they are loved by makeup addicts around the world. Luscious Cosmetics has gained an immense following among celebrities, makeup artists and beauty addicts. Therefore it has obtained the status of one of the most rapidly growing beauty brands in the world.

What makes Luscious Cosmetics So Special?

An innovative and vibrant product is being launched to meet the standards of the beauty industry. Every item is formulated with a lot of endurance and passion to be easy to use as feasible. This is why Luscious Cosmetics is very special.

Luscious Cosmetics Exclusive Collection:

With a variety of lavish, however Luscious Cosmetics in Pakistan have an exclusive collection. They have a collection of makeup basics to specific solutions. Consequently, you can express your beauty delicately or dramatically as you desire.

Following is the list of luscious cosmetics that are famous among makeup addicts:

  • ·         Kits & brushes set
  • ·         Angel eyes ™ primer
  • ·         Blending all my love Beauty blenders
  • ·         Blush Crush
  • ·         Blush Remix
  • ·         Blush Remix Palette & Powder Brush
  • ·         Bold intense eyeliner pencil
  • ·         Brow luxe ™ brow gel
  • ·         Brow Luxe ™ Definer Pencil
  • ·         Brow Luxe ™ Tool Kit
  • ·         Buffing Foundation Brush
  • ·         Camera powder ™
  • ·         Camera stick ™ foundation
  • ·         Camera stick ™ foundation & buffing foundation brush
  • ·         Catwalk liquid eyeliner
  • ·         Clean Smoothie Makeup Remover Cloth
  • ·         Curl addict ™ mascara
  • ·         Deluxe diva brush set
  • ·         Deluxe makeup planner
  • ·         Double dazzle lip gloss
  • ·         Essential brush set
  • ·         Face contour kit

Best Selling Luscious Cosmetics.

Luscious Contour Kit is one of the hot-selling articles. The product offers four different contouring shades, at a very reasonable rate. Contour Kits offered by other brands are comparatively costly. Moreover, the brand's promise of vegan products attracts customers.

Luscious Contour Kits last long and don’t melt away in humid weather. You can highlight, sculptor, define your feature with this handy kit.

Luscious Cosmetic lip couture is a collection of lipsticks is one of the makeup addicts favorite. These lipsticks stay on for a longer time. They are available in a variety of shades.       

Curl addict ™ mascara is one of the best mascara available. It redefines your eye makeup giving a complete look.

Luscious Cosmetic Essential brush set contains the ultimate beauty tools. It has a set of brushes ideal for all your makeup application. These brushes are available with a chic and handy luscious carrying case. Even here Luscious keeps up its promise of cruelty-free makeup; brushes are 100% cruelty-free.

This kit includes the following brushes:

  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Small Rounded Eye shadow Brush
  • Eye shadow Shader Brush,
  • Eye shadow Blender Brush
  • Lip Brush Eyebrow
  • Eyelash Brush
Luscious Cosmetics Products in Pakistan.

Luscious Cosmetics are easily available in Pakistan on shops and online. Original products of Luscious Cosmetics are available on

Don’t waste your time, order your favorite product today! Enjoy your beauty!