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Wedding Dresses

A wedding day is the most memorable day for both Bride and Groom. Everybody wishes to look most attractive at their wedding. In South Asian culture we celebrate our weddings extravagantly. Hence we spend on Wedding Dresses, food, etc. Most Important is Bridal Dresses.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses:

Pakistani Wedding Dresses are unique in their style. Furthermore, the embroidery, fabric, every part of a wedding dress is unique. As Pakistan is a culturally rich country. We see a glimpse of culture in our Bridal Dresses.

Various Styles Available in Bridal Dresses

There is a variety of options available for Pakistani girls. Few of them are as follow:

1) Lehenga

2) Long Kamdaar and Tail Shirts

3) Gharara

4) Frock

5) Maxi

6) Sarri

All these styles are designed according to Pakistani Culture. These dresses are adorned with unique embroidery. Beads, laces and synthetic stones are also used. Embroideries of various types are available in Pakistan. Hence a Pakistani bride has a variety of options available.

Dupatta: Dupatta is the most unique part of Pakistani culture. Therefore, it is an essential part of Bridal Dress. Dupatta is the drape that is given over the bride’s head. Moreover, its designing is given special attention. So that it stands out and enhances the whole dress.

What Makes Pakistani Wedding Dresses Unique:

Hence in Pakistan wedding is a religious and special occasion. So it is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. Bridal dress is the most important buy of the whole ceremony.

Most favorite options: Sharra or Ghagra is the most favorable option for a wedding dress. For the main wedding day, a red color is considered a favorite. For other wedding ceremonies like Walima, mehndi, and engagement, bridal dresses are designed in various colors.

The blend of East and West: With the wide variety of options available. Pakistani bridal dresses are a blend of eastern and western style. This makes them unique.

Fabric for bridal dresses: There is a variety of fabric used for making bridal dresses. Shafoon, organza, Jamawaar, Silk and Jacquard fabric is used. All these fabrics give a unique look and are expensive.

Designers Bridal Dresses:

Therefore, keeping in mind the demand of Bridal Dresses. There are many professional designers who entered into this field. These designers have produced a beautiful collection of bridal dresses. At the same time, their work is acknowledged the world over.

Designer unique style: There are many famous designers. However, Designer Bridal Dresses are slightly costly. They offer a huge range of designs, embroidery style, and colors.  But the surely make any girl look elegant on her wedding day.

This designer use fusion technique in their designs. Sometimes they even use old style with newer trends. Designer Dresses are customized according to the age and physique of the bride.

Bridal Dresses for Different Occasions:

Apart from the wedding day or nikkah ceremony, many other functions are celebrated. Each event has different events and different dressing. For Walima which is after the wedding day.

Pakistani Bridal Dress for Walima is different from the main day. Favorite Walima colors are turquoise, pink, gray, and white. For Walima brides are gentle and soft look.

Bridal Dresses Online:

While arranging a wedding in Pakistan is not an easy job. So for Best Wedding Dresses are available online. Moreover, a detail description of a dress is given on the website. Closedeal provides you a huge variety of wedding dresses. You can visit to place an order.

Bridal Dress Price Range:

Price range varies a lot. However, it depends on the style. Dresses with heavy embroideries are expensive.

Visit the website today and make your big day a special day. Adorn your memories with a beautiful dress!